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Vampire: No Survivors

Protect vampires in this game

Vampire: No Survivors may have become a special game when your mission is to fight against knights. You will protect the vampires in the coffins.

The few survivors in the territory are trying to destroy the vampires. You need to summon an army of monsters to attack them. Take down the survivors before they can destroy the coffins. Your role in this game will be completely opposite compared to other games. You are no longer a survivor but will command the army of monsters in this game. With unique gameplay, you will love this retro game from the first time you play. I also recommend the Bob The Robber 3 game where you will become a professional thief.

How to Protect Vampires in Vampire: No Survivors

To keep vampires safe, you need to keep survivors away from coffins. There will be a total of 4 coffins placed along the way.

Summon monsters

You alone cannot protect these coffins. You need the help of other monsters like slimes, zombies, etc. You need to click to summon them. Slimes have the lowest fighting power and endurance, but they are free. For monsters with stronger fighting power, you need to spend gems to buy them. These gems can be collected after your monster is destroyed. The more powerful monsters summoned, the safer the coffins.

Attack the survivor

A few caveats when attacking is that you can't spawn monsters under light. You can only place monsters in the dark. Place them in locations closest to survivors. Thus, you will save travel time. Also, always upgrade your monsters by opening chests. They always keep secrets from you.