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Bacon May Die

Join the warrior's war

Bacon May Die is an action game with unique battle scenes. You control a pig and destroy all the gray wolves around you. Don't let your pig get hurt.

You have probably seen many interesting human-to-human battles. Have you ever seen a battle between a pig and wolves? A pig alone has to face a pack of ferocious wolves. These wolves always want to eat the pig. You need to help the pig immediately. Instead of running away like the Na'vi in Avatar Game, you can now strike back at your enemies. The pig in this game is very strong. You control it and it can crush even hungry wolves.

Kill all the enemies in Bacon May Die

The pig will storm the wolves' base by himself. This is a very dangerous thing. However, who is in danger, the wolves or the pig? You will be able to answer the question after experiencing the game. Let's see what you can do to destroy the wolves.

Use the weapons

This game offers two main types of weapons: close-range weapons and ranged weapons. Close-range weapons are swords, hammers, wooden pestles, etc and they will be used to kill bad guys near you. Swing your weapon repeatedly to repel enemies and take them down! For enemies that are far away, you will need guns. You can kill enemies even before they come close to you. However, the range of the gun is limited. The gun will not affect enemies too far away from you.

Avoid attacks

In combat role-playing games, the character's safety is always important. In this game, the main character's life is shown through health points. You can follow HP through the HP bar on the screen. If your HP reduces to zero, you lose. Therefore, avoiding all enemy attacks is what you need to do. Each time your character is hit, HP will decrease a bit. Don't let any enemies approach your gray pig. Use skillful movement skills to escape from a position where enemies surround you. Agility and accuracy are the two keys for you to win this action game.

Beware of some dangers

Your enemies are not only close to attack you, but they are also armed with long-range weapons. Some wolves even use large cannons to destroy you. They can fire from a distance. You can use your weapon to repel those bullets. In addition, you also need to pay attention to wolves with a head of a bomb. They will explode as soon as they get close to you. With these enemies, you should use your gun and shoot them down. Furthermore, watch out for the mines that are placed on the ground. Step on them and your character will lose some HP. The wolves fly planes are also quite difficult to destroy, you need to jump up and attack them. Then you can also rob that plane to drop bombs down.

Some useful things for you in this battle

You need to know some of the following tips to be able to conquer Bacon May Die. Many pro players won' share these tips with you. However, I will do this.

Take advantage of everything to take down the enemy

Besides using your weapons, you can also make use of the enemy's bullets. Bullets from enemy cannons can be bounced back at the enemy. That way, you can save your own ammo. If you are fighting in the woods, you can use beehives as your weapon. When you drop the hives, the bees will fly out and sting the enemy.

Let's hire a pet

This journey will be very lonely. Therefore, you can hire some pets like penguins or chickens to accompany you. You just need to feed them 10 apples, then they will follow you. These pets are more than just companions because sometimes they will help you too. For example, the penguin can attack enemies by freezing them. However, if you restart the level or game, you will have to rehire them again.

Buy some supports

The number of enemies is increasing and they are even stronger. You not only have to face wolves but even giant skeletons. The enemies' stamina and damage will become more powerful. Therefore, you also need to increase the strength of your warrior. Head to the store and you'll find some cool stuff. You can buy buffs for melee damage or Risky Potion (potion effects are unknown). During the battle, your HP is drastically reduced, heal 25 points with the gold you have.

Modes in Bacon May Die

This game has 4 different modes and they all have their own unique features. Survival, Sudden Death, and Blast modes are all for one player while Coop is for two players. Let's also explore these modes a bit. Survival will give you 3 stages including Forest, Dungeon, and Snow. You will go to the end of the stages in turn to unlock the next stage. If your HP is 100 in Survival mode, it will only be 1 in Sudden Death. If the enemy hits you only once, the game is over. The fight will be more intense in Blast. Finally, this game will not leave you alone when added to Coop mode. You and a friend will control two characters on the same computer. The two will become each other's teammates and fight against the enemy.

Buys new skins and weapons

Dozens of designed outfits in this game. You can use gold coins to buy them. Skins include hats, glasses, accessories, and clothes. Some of them need to complete some special achievements to be able to unlock while you need to see a few ads to be able to use others. Weapons are like skins. You need gold coins or complete quests to buy them. Besides swords and guns, don't forget to buy some bombs.

Game control

Press the left or right arrow to move left or right. They are also used to attack. Holding these keys can help you fire. Press the up arrow to jump!