Play basketball online in this game

Basketbros is a sports game with retro graphics. You will become a professional player and score as many goals as your opponent before time runs out.

Simple but eye-catching graphics

You can see this game does not use 3D graphics with high realism. The characters and the playground are all designed in a classic retro style. The game will take you back to the past. However, this does not mean that this game will be boring. It is the classic style and simple gameplay that makes this game stand out from the current 3D games.

Various game modes

Online games like Avatar Game and this game often offer different game modes to attract many players. In this game, you can also choose modes like 2 players on the same PC, tournament or practice. You can invite one more friend in 2 players on the same PC mode. The two of you will become opponents and fight together on the same PC. In Tournament mode, you will have to participate in many matches to enter the final match. After winning the final match, you will win the championship in this tournament. Don't forget to play practice mode if you are not confident in your ability yet.

How to win in Basketbros

Each match won't last too long so you don't have much time to score. You need to score more points than your opponent.

Throw the ball into the basket

Instead of playing the whole team, you will only need to control one character. Run up and run down to control the ball. When you are close to the opponent's basket, immediately jump to throw the ball into the basket. You don't have too much time to plan because the opponent always wants to steal your ball.

Block enemy attacks

You and your opponent both want to win this match. However, there is only one winner. You have to steal the ball as soon as you have the chance. Protect your basket! You have to move close to the opponent to be able to control the game situation.

Change the character's skins

You can change the color of the outfit like shoes, socks, tops, pants, etc. In addition, there are quite a few mysterious characters that are locked. You need to win a lot to be able to unlock them. In addition, you also need to track the strength of each character. From there, you can choose the strongest basketball player. Besides the characters inspired by famous players, you can also choose the match's random gameplay. You can create your own room or join existing rooms. Are you ready for the basketball game? Let's start!

Game control:

  • Player 1: Use WASD and G keys to play this game
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys and L key to play.