The overview of Doodle Jump

The gameplay

Doodle Jump is an entertaining arcade game. To be ranked on the top of the leaderboard, you must jump as high as possible and avoid unstable steps.

In the game, you will control Doodler, a four-legged creature that can jump as high as possible. The game is over if the Doodler reaches the bottom of the screen. By taking hold of objects on the platforms, such as rockets or hats with propellers, you can make Doodler move faster. Additionally, there are UFOs that Doodler must fire, climb on top of, or avoid. The Doodler will be startled, collapse, and have to restart if you hit those things. To make Doodler jump to the highest step, try to control him. The game will get increasingly challenging as a result of stairs that can be shifted or that temporarily vanish. Your top score will be saved once the game is over.

The game is highly appreciated for its attractive gameplay and simple graphics. It attracts a lot of players around the world. You can join and compete with others to get a high ranking. You also can have another fun adventure in Avatar Game where you encounter the Navi'.

Way to control Doodler

To control your character, you must use the left and right arrow keys. Your character can jump automatically, so you need to right or left to land on the steps. You need to avoid the cracked steps to avoid falling down.

The highlights of Doodle Jump

The leaderboard

The rankings are divided into two different categories. The local will record all your scores. Regardless of whether your low or high score is recorded. You can track your progress through this leaderboard. Try to break your record every time you play the game.

The global will record the scores of the best players. They can be anyone in this world. You also have a chance to put your name on this leaderboard if you play well. The higher the score, the higher your rank. Compete with lots of others to be the first.

The power-ups

  • Propeller hats: If you collect these hats, you can fly higher without jumping. You will quickly pass many steps. As a result, you can get a lot of scores. You do not miss them. If you own the hats then you can reduce the risk. You do not need to jump into cracked steps.
  • Rockets: If the Doodler has a rocket mounted on the back, it will go through many steps at once. The rocket will help you increase your score significantly. You can select it right away. Remember that it is only valid for a short time. You also need to be careful when using it.
  • Springs: They will help you jump higher. You can jump three, or four steps. Take advantage of them, so you don't have to jump through each step. You will save a lot of time jumping on the springs.

Some achievements of the game

Developed and published by Lima Sky, the game has really made an impact with sales of over 5 million copies sold, with an average of 28,000 downloads per day. Doodle Jump is always on the list of the hottest games. With the above remarkable numbers and achievements, it is an attractive game. It is also appreciated by top gamers.