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Geometry Dash Breeze

Train your agility through this game

Geometry Dash Breeze attracts many gamers worldwide because of its difficulty. Tons of obstacles and dangers will challenge every gamer. Will you overcome them?

There are thousands of game genres in which speed games always get the player's priority. Here, you will get lost in a colorful world. Your character is a geometry and it can transform into many different shapes. Vivid sound always makes the game more attractive. Challenge your friends with this game. Who is the first to finish?

Experience 3 different levels in Geometry Dash Breeze

There are not too many levels like Geometry Dash Lite, this game still brings unique experiences for players with 3 levels.

Over the Clouds

The background of this level will be on the clouds. The main colors are purple and pink. In addition, the seven-color rainbow will also make this level more colorful. The floating clouds contained thorns and monsters. They will devour your character if it falls into a trap.

Into the Zone

No more brilliant rainbows, this level will bring a new feeling to you. The background color will change continuously. The difficulty in this game is that deadly traps suddenly appear. They will make you unable to react. Then you can just start the game again. In addition, the shadows of sharp spikes can also make you think they are dangerous. In fact, these shadows can't hurt your character.

Ghost Ship

Red flames will appear at this level. You also see monsters with huge mouths. You don't have time to think too long. Many designed objects will make you confused. Stay focused and overcome all challenges. There will be some springs that fool you. Be careful with them!