Enjoy the fun game

Stickman Hook will bring you much thrill as stickman swings in the air. He needs to reach the destination to complete a level. Make use of the objects in the air.

Familiar stickman characters will appear in this game. His adventure this time will be in the sky. If he falls, the game will end immediately. Even though the background is in the air, the stickman cannot fly. How can he move in the sky without flying? It was thanks to the hooks in the air.

Swing to the finish line in Stickman Hook

Your final target is to reach the destination by all costs.When you first start, the destination will be very close to you. You can even see it. However, your destination will be further and further away. Of course, the long distance also contains more difficulties.

Use the hooks

Round hooks will appear in the general air. You need to take advantage of them to swing yourself in the air. Your Stickman can create webs like a spiderman. These spider webs can wrap hooks and keep your character swinging in the air. You need to take advantage of the power of the swings to be able to move to the next hook.

How to control stickman with the mouse

In this game you just need to use the mouse to play. Hold the left mouse button to swing. Then, release the mouse to release the stickman. Click the left mouse button to hook.

Complete levels to get rewards

The game is divided into many levels which can challenge any pro player. The level will be harder and harder, so your skills also need to be improved. After finishing some levels, you will get a new skin. Many cool skins with different dances are waiting for you to unlock! When you mastered this game, you can challenge your skills with X Trench Run.