Avatar Game

Avatar Game takes you to new lands where you will encounter many strange things. Tons of obstacles can injure your Na'vi character, so stay away from them.

I think that most players are familiar with the name "Avatar" which is a science-fiction epic. Avatar has two parts which also are on the list of the highest-grossing films of all time. The game developer decides to make a running game set up in the alien world of Avatar. The Avatar films are blockbusters in movie history, so this game will impress you. You must control your character continuously until you can find the exit portal. Now, I will analyze some points to understand more about this fun game.

Inspiration for making Avatar Game

When you enter the game, I'm sure you can know what inspired this game. They are two parts of the Avatar series which are Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water. You can immerse yourself in the majestic sceneries of a strange world in this game. If you have ever watched these movies, you can know the names of these places. The plot of the two movies is also the main factor helping make this game more attractive. In case you have never watched or heard about these movies, I will provide some necessary information to you.

Avatar movie

Avatar is a great box-office success in movie history with a global box office of more than $2.9 billion. Of course, this number's rising in the future. Although Avatar's release date is August 27, 2010, its graphics still impress many audiences until now. Do you wonder why this film attracts so many people from all over the world? The Avatar movie plot is extremely unique and interesting. This film is about a soldier named Jake Sully. He had to retire when his legs were injured and he was unable to walk. This was a big shock to him. One day, he knew that his twin - Tony - died. Then, he needs to take his brother to work. A journey that will change Jake's life begins. It took him 6 years to move to the planet Pandora, which has an ecosystem similar to that of Earth. When I saw the scenery here, I thought this was a paradise where the trees were green and there were islands floating in the sky. All these majestic scenes are depicted in our Avatar Game. Jake Sully must control Avatar which is a combination of human ADN and Na'vi ADN. As you can see the main character in this game is Avatar which is controlled by Jake Sully. In this game, Jake Sully must escape from the army's pursuit. The reason is Jake Sully doesn't want to cooperate with the corporation to destroy Pandora.

Avatar: The Way of Water

In this second movie, Jake Sully's nemesis is back and wants to take over Pandora. At this point, Jake and Neytiri have a happy family with four children. Neytiri is daughter of the Na'vi patriarch. The old enemies always wanted to kill his family, so he needed to run away from Pandora. They had to find the land of the water tribe Metkayina. Avatar Game will also recreate the epic scene of the vast sea in this part. The escape from the enemy in this movie is the main plot of this game. Enemies will set up thousands of deadly traps to destroy Jake Sully. Avatar: The Way of Water also contributed greatly to the success of this exciting game. However, this game will also have small changes compared to the movie. For example, the character Jake Sully has to run away alone instead of accompanying his family. Are you ready for a dangerous journey with your character?

Avatar Game gameplay

According to me, this game has very simple rules but it's very hard to master this game. The gameplay reminds me of the Geometry Dash series game. You still control a character or geometry and help them avoid all dangers on the way. Jump and fly to overcome all spikes along the way! Now, I will guide you on what you have to do in this game. Of course, if you are a pro, you can skip this.

Jump from one block to another block

The road that Jake Sully must cross is not smooth. There are blocks placed along the way. They are not sharp but can hurt your character. However, if your character jumps on them, everything will be solved. These blocks are dangerous obstacles but will also help you a lot. For example, you can see hundreds of spikes on the ground, and only one block is placed among them. Do not hesitate to jump on this block to overcome the chain of spikes. However, you need good control skills to have accurate jumps. Jumping too far or too close can put your character in danger. In addition, you need to react quickly to be able to accurately jump on blocks.

Stay away from the sharp spikes

If blocks can be both beneficial and harmful, spikes are completely dangerous. Believe me, you can't jump on them because your character will die with one touch. These spikes are located anywhere and are scattered throughout the path. They are the terrifying traps that the enemy has prepared to destroy Jake Sully. So you have to help him avoid them by all means. These spikes come in two different varieties. The black spikes are bigger than the blue ones. However, their appearance does not affect how dangerous they are. Control your character skillfully to jump or fly over these spikes. Good luck.

Collect the coins

If you play regular running games, you will probably see a lot of coins on the road. However, in Avatar Game, you will only need to collect three coins. Usually, these 3 coins will appear on difficult to reach roads. This is probably an extra task for the pro players as it won't affect your completion of the race. If you don't collect any coins, you can still complete Jake Sully's journey. However, let's make this game more interesting by grabbing the coins!

Comparison stages of the Avatar Game

After introducing the inspiration for making this game and how to play it, let's explore the stages of this game by comparing them. There will be three main stages: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist. How will they have similarities and differences? Each stage brings its own experience. Which stage do you like more?

The same points

There is only one character through these stages. You need to keep him safe from many spikes of three stages. Moreover, many portals will appear in the stages. Of course, you only can complete a stage if you reach the end of the road. Each stage has three gold coins. The obstacles and blocks won't change through all stages in Avatar Game.

The different points

Stages with too many similarities are easily boring to people. Therefore, the difference will create a new feeling, and players want to conquer the game. Stereo Madness is rated 1 star for its difficulty. At this stage, the character will move slowly and not have too many spikes. The background of this stage is the Na'vi forest. Difficulty will increase to 2 stars in Back On Track. Besides the obstacles, you also need to use the springs to jump further. However, it is not always possible to use springs because sometimes springs will cause your character to crash into sharp spikes. After you complete the above 2 stages, you will see the character's speed in Polargeist become much faster. Besides, I think the background of this stage is the best. The light of the soul trees makes the scene very magical. Every time you jump on the gravity plates, the purple light of the soul trees will disappear.

The modes in Avatar Game

In each stage, there are two modes which are normal and practice mode. Actually, the two modes don't have too many differences. However, if you are a newbie in this game, it's better to play practice mode. Of course, you can choose one of them and they're always available for you. Let's find out more about the two modes here.

Normal mode

In my opinion, this mode is quite suitable for players with good skills. In addition, they must also have enough patience to run to the end of the road. In this mode, you can only run from the beginning to the end without stopping. If you hit an obstacle, your character will automatically return to the starting point. This may make some players uncomfortable, but others will find it very interesting. Even when you are close to your destination, you need to be very careful.

Practice mode

Like the name, this mode is for practice. You are not confident with your skills, you can slowly improve them by playing this practice mode. In this mode, the special feature is the checkpoints. These checkpoints will help you continue your journey at the last location where your character was destroyed. You can set the checkpoint manually by pressing the Z key. Also, to clear the checkpoint, use the X key. From these it can be easier for you to complete a long journey.

The special features of this game

Not only can the stages or modes of Avatar Game attract players, you need to know more about the special features of this game. Can you guess what they are? In fact, it is the characters and portals when playing the game.

Avatar character

As you know, the main character in this game is Jake Sully after entering Avatar. In the movie Avatar Game, the Avatar character is 3 meters tall and has navy blue skin. However, in this game, the Avatar character will change a bit. He's not that amazing of height anymore. Instead, he resembles a small robot with a big head and robotic feet. At this point, he looks petite and quite cute. His face will not change much with golden eyes and black braids. His eyes blinking continuously makes you feel more alive. The movement of the character is also very smooth. Although he has short legs, he runs extremely fast and jumps very high. I'm sure you won't be disappointed while playing this game.

The special portals

These portals will appear through the stages. Each time you go through a portal, it seems like you pass a level. One stage has many levels. After you move through this portal, a transformation has taken place. Your character rides on a special animal. It is based on the prototype Skimwing from Avatar: The Way of Water. The Metkayina people used to ride them to move. Now, this particular fish also appears in the Avatar Game. When going through some portals, the character Jake Sully rode on this fish and flew through the air. You must avoid all the obstacles on the ground, in the air, and in the ceiling while flying. For some players, controlling the character in the air may be easier than running on the ground.

Avatar Game online

The Jake adventure will start after you enter the game. The Avatar Game online can be accessed on a PC or mobile device. Installing this game isn't necessary because you can play the game online on browsers. This game can meet any player's demand. Do you want to know more information about this online game with beautiful graphics and many impressive stages? Follow me!

Avatar Game 2

As you know, this game is inspired by two famous movies by author James Cameron. So, I guess when Avatar 3 comes out, you'll probably enjoy Avatar Game 2 as well. The Avatar Game 3 movie has been revealed to be the internal battle of the Na'vi. The director wants to show us that not all Na'vi are kind. There will be evil people who want to start a war. The movie will probably be released in 2025. So, you can enjoy the first installment before the 2nd version of this game comes out. Perhaps the second version of the game will also rely on the storylines and backgrounds of Avatar 3. Let's wait and see if there are any changes.

Online game control

You only need to click the left mouse button to jump over. When you fly, click the left mouse button to fly up and release to drop down. Press Z to put the checkpoint and use the X key to remove them. If you play on a mobile device, just tap on the screen to play.

Good luck to you

The wheel of fate has started to move, Jake Sully needs your help. Don't wait any longer, enter the game now. Exploring the beautiful forests and bay of Pandora can make you relax. However, don't be so focused on the landscape that you forget your mission. Your character will move automatically and you just need to help him jump or fly. I hope you enjoy this game. You can recommend it to your friends or challenge them. Let's see who is the best player in the Avatar Game! Hope that is you!