Score a lot of points in this game

Basket Random requires you to throw the ball into the opponent's basket. Control the whole team to lead and throw the ball to complete the goal.

Each time you throw the ball into your opponent's basket, you score one point. The playing field is constantly changing. Your team can compete on an outdoor or indoor field. The team that reaches 5 points first will be the winner. Always be the one to take the initiative to hold the ball to avoid the opponent scoring.

Win against your opponents in Basket Random modes

This game has a single player or two player mode. If you choose single-player mode, your opponent will be the CPU. You and your friends will also become opponents in two-player mode. To experience more thrilling, you can come to Geometry Dash SubZero which is one of the most interesting running games.

Throw the ball into the basket

The character in this game is quite special. You can't move them naturally because they can only jump up. You need to control their whole body to throw the ball. Do not let the opponent approach your character holding the ball. The opponent can steal the ball away. As soon as you get close to the basket, jump up and throw the ball into it.

Prevent the opposing team from scoring

Take the ball if it is in your opponent's hand. When your opponent gets close to your basket or they throw the ball into the basket. Jump up to block the throws. Otherwise, you will become a loser. Now, choose one of the two modes to practice.

How to control

Instead of having to use multiple keys, you only need to use one to play Basket Random. If you are player 1, press the W. If you are player 2, press the up arrow.