Break the helix tower

Play Helix Jump online now! You will rotate the tower so that the ball reaches the bottom of the tower. Don't let the ball fall on the yellow platforms!

A very special tower appears in this game. It is made up of many platforms. These platforms always have certain gaps. On this tower, a ball is bouncing continuously. You will not directly move the ball up or down. Your task is to rotate the tower so that the ball falls through the gaps. From there, it can reach the bottom of the tower.

Score high in Helix Jump

This is a never-ending game, so you need to score as many points as possible. You can create a record if you are skilled. There is no time limit so act carefully.

Destroy platforms

After the ball falls off the platform, these platforms will be destroyed. So, you just need to make the ball fall below. Rotate the helix tower left or right to bring the ball below the gaps.

Be careful with golden platforms

Your ball can fall on the black platforms. However, the yellow platforms will crush the ball if it touches them. Dogs should, when rotating the tower, cleverly avoid the golden platforms out. These dangerous platforms always appear next to the safe ones, so you need to look carefully.

Collect gems

You will see valuable gems located above the platforms. You just have to catch them. However, don't push the ball into danger just to collect gems. You can use gems to buy new balls in the shop. Do balls with different colors make you fall in love? Besides Helix Jump, you can also experience the thrill of playing Geometry Dash Lite.

Game control: Hold the left mouse button and swipe the mouse to rotate the platforms.