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Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend

Escape from poverty in this game

Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend is a parkour game with extremely interesting content. Control your character to climb as high as possible in this game!

Your character in this game is a poor girl. She needs to get out of poverty by jumping on objects to reach the gourd. Objects come in different sizes and shapes. Jump on them to escape the slums. Your chance is only one. If you fall into the water, you will start all over again. I'm sure you want to start over when you're almost there.

Jump higher and higher in Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend

Your task is to move as far as possible. Observe the path before jumping to be able to jump properly. This gameplay is extremely special and different from other parkour games like Parkour Block 3D. This may be a long journey that requires your ingenuity and patience.

Don't fall down

The objects will be arranged in the air and they are separated by a certain distance. You need to jump over them. Be careful because even a small mistake will make all your previous efforts disappear. Be careful with your every move. When going over small objects, you need to move slowly and safely. Remember that safety is of the utmost importance.


You need to use WASD to move the character. If you want to run, you can press the Shift key. Then, press the spacebar to jump. These controls are very easy and suitable for everyone.