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Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Mission in this game

Challenge your abilities with Geometry Dash Bloodbath! The game requires quick fingers and sharp eyes. Otherwise, you can't even make it past the first stretch.

Keep the cube stay away from dangers

You need to know the dangers that are lurking your character to avoid them. It can be spikes above or below or monsters below gaps. The spinning gears are also dangerous you need to avoid. As long as you keep the character away from these animals on the way out, you will win. To do that, I'm sure everyone has to practice a lot.

Go through the portal

The game has only one level but it has mini stages. The mini stages will be distinguished by the portals that the cube passes through. Every time you go through these portals, you will enter a new mini stage. Sometimes, your character will switch states after going through these stages. You can take some time to study each stage and get familiar with them.

Some tips for Geometry Dash Bloodbath

  • For these running games, it is recommended to play in full screen mode. Thus, the observation of character obstacles will be clearer. Once you know the positions between the character and the obstacle, you can make the right jumps.
  • Bloodbath is made to test your patience. Therefore, patience is essential to complete this game. You will probably have to replay this game hundreds or even thousands of times after failing. However, I am also sure that you can learn a lot from your failures. For example, you are familiar with where obstacles are and when they appear. That way, you can come up with reasonable plans. For another Geometry Dash version, you can play Geometry Dash Breeze.