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Parkour Block 3D

Enjoy the parkour game

Parkour Block 3D allows you to perform some awesome jumps. You will jump from one platform to another platform to go through a purple portal.

Parkour is always a risky sport, but it always brings a sense of excitement to everyone. You will be able to become a professional parkour athlete in this game. The jump will directly affect the survival of the character. Therefore, you need to make each move carefully.

Reach the purple portal in Parkour Block 3D

Unlike Parkour Block 5, this game has only 1 mode for everyone. It's level mode. You need to go through the portal at the end of the way to unlock the next level.

Jumping across platforms

Platforms are created from rectangular bricks. They will be designed in the air. The ground is now covered only by hot lava. The lava flow will drown you if you slip and fall there. Therefore, you need to observe carefully before deciding to make the jump.

Solve the problems

Although the first-person perspective gives you a sense of realism, it will be difficult to locate the character. You can rely on the character's arm to determine your direction. Always see if your position is safe and convenient to jump!

Some outstanding features of this game

  • This game is inspired by MInecraft, so the graphics will also be like that classic game. However, you will have obligatory missions in this game.
  • Many levels help players not get bored. You can gradually improve your skills through the levels.
  • The controls of this game are also extremely simple. You just need to use the arrow key to jump and move.
  • You can approach this parkour game through devices such as computers, tablets or phones. You even don't need to install this game because you can play it directly on the browser.