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Subway Surfers

Join the never-ending chase

Subway Surfers is an endless running game. You just need to move forward without hitting the obstacles along the way. Don't get caught by the security guard!

A mischievous boy drew a picture on the wall at the station. The guard wanted to catch him but he ran very fast. This game is a classic game that is extremely famous all over the world. Previously, you could install this game on Android or iOS devices. Now, this game has been designed with HTML5 technology making it accessible directly on browsers. This game is loved by players of all ages. The boy's run will not stop until he is caught. Let's see how far you can help the boy run.

Move forward

Your character will run automatically so you just need to navigate him. He was running on a station with tons of obstacles. Oncoming trains are also very dangerous. You need to keep the character moving forward. If you bump into objects on the way, a guard will appear right behind you. If the collision is too strong, the guard can catch you. Therefore, you must make the character run forward at all costs.

Game control

In this game, you use the left and right arrows to move the character left and right. Then, you can press the up arrow to jump over obstacles. Press the down arrow to crouch. Is it very easy to control? I also know another game in which you just need to click the left mouse button to play. It's Avatar Game.

How to play Subway Surfers

This classic game has addictive gameplay so it is still a favorite game in the world to this day. You just need to avoid all obstacles to be able to rule this game. However, this will become increasingly difficult as your character moves very fast.

Jump or crouch over barriers

You will see barriers on the road. They have different heights and shapes. Your character can jump over low barriers. For barriers that are too high, you can crouch over them. You need to determine the height of each barrier before taking the next action. In addition, carriages are also obstacles that you need to overcome. However, you cannot jump over these giant carriages. You can avoid them by switching to another lane.

Collect gold and letters

The path has a lot of gold coins that you can collect. Just go through these gold coins to catch them. You need to earn these gold coins to buy a lot of items in the shop. In addition, the letters are also essential for you. You will collect enough letters to form a complete word. After you complete this letter, you will receive a secret gift box. This box will contain items that are valuable to you.

Catch useful items

Along the way, you will not only see gold coins but also items. These items do not have as much quantity as gold but they are extremely useful for your escape. Some items like jetpack, super sneakers, coin magnet, etc. For example, super sneakers will help your character jump much higher than normal jumps. Jetpack will help your character move in the air where there are no obstacles.

A few tips when running in Subway Surfers

  • The character's speed will move faster when he travels a long distance. Therefore, you also need to react and control objects faster.
  • Traveling on trains will be safer. If you run on the ground, there will be many obstacles on the way. However, if you travel on trains, there won't be any barriers. You also need to be aware, jumping from one train to another is also quite dangerous if they are moving.
  • You can use hoverboards to protect yourself from crashing for 30 seconds. Press the spacebar to active when running.
  • You can practice a lot to master the manipulations in this game. Then you can easily control the character to overcome obstacles. Of course, the distance that you can go will be longer.

Some interesting things you can find in Main Menu

This game offers a lot of interesting features for players. Wondering what those features are? Do not rush! I will share them shortly.

Top Run

A leaderboard is added to this game. Here you can see the players with the highest score worldwide. You can also see your name if you get a good score. Are you ready to play?

New characters

The first available and most familiar character is Jake. He is a young man with a passion for drawing. Of course, he's also a good athlete. This game not only features Jake character but you also see many other new characters like Tricky, Frank, Frizzy, King, etc. Each character has its own appearance and characteristics. Some need coins to unlock while some need items to unlock. In addition, all of these characters can change their costumes. Each outfit will have a certain price. Besides costumes and characters, you can also buy many new types of boards for your character.


You need to complete some quests to get these rewards. These rewards are the keys. They can help you continue your journey if you have an accident. This will help you earn more points. Some missions like Score 45000 without changing lanes, Open 10 Super mystery Boxes, Pick up 100 powerups, etc.

Upgrades in the shop

As you know, you will encounter some support items along the way. They will have different special uses but they have one thing in common. What they have in common is their limited shelf life. For example, you can only use the magnet for a certain time. After that, this item will disappear. You can buy upgrades for these items in the shop. They will help increase the duration of the items. You also use the coins to purchase these upgrades.

Good luck

With Subway Surfers, you will have the most relaxing moments. 3D graphics with smooth movements, this game deserves to be in your favorite game list. Come and enjoy it now!