Football match of cartoon characters

Toon Cup organizes football matches for many cartoon characters. You will control an entire team to defeat the opposing team. Hurry up because time is limited.

Football is always the king sport and is loved by many people. Cartoon characters are also very fond of soccer. This game is about intense football matches between characters. Each team has only 3 members and you need to navigate all the members. You will control the member that is closest to the ball. Show you what a professional player you are.

Two different soccer tournaments in the Toon Cup

In the following, I will introduce you to two football tournaments in this game. Each tournament will have a different game rule. However, you should remember to score as many points as possible.


You will participate in 3 matches to get the final victory. 3 matches including quarter final, semi final and final. First, choose the country for your team. Don't forget to choose members for your team. The strength of the opponent will be greater through the rounds.

Toon Leagues

You will participate in different matches. Each win will bring a different cup. This game has a total of 5 cups. You need to choose strong members. You can see strength stats while selecting members. The first member to be selected is the captain. Good luck!

What you can find in the main menu

Besides the contest type, you can see unlockables and leaderboards. These sections will tell you a lot of interesting things.


Here, you can unlock new characters, stadiums and balls. Naturally, you need gold coins to unlock them. If you have a lot of gold, you can also upgrade the power of your favorite character.


Instead of ranking the top players worldwide, the game will give the ranking of the countries. Win matches to help your country climb the leaderboard. Don't forget to follow your country's rank on the leaderboard of Toon Cup. For more fun games, you can try Pizza Tower with very impressive graphics.