What makes appealing of Rolling Ball

The mechanics of the game

Rolling Ball allows you to navigate a bowling ball. You need to reach the finish line while knocking down the blocks on the track to get more gold coins.

The game simulates a bowling game. You will control your ball. Your first task is to navigate the ball to conquer the track. You have to try to be able to overcome the slopes and bends. If you don't speed up, your ball will not be able to pass them. Control your ball skillfully. Your second task is to reach the finish line. Unlike real bowling, you don't have to knock down the objectives. You just need to complete your mission to reach the finish line.

The game has quite simple gameplay. Can you complete your mission? If you play the game many times, you will master the game faster. You will have more experience to overcome obstacles on the road like blocks. You can dodge them or go through them. The blocks are stacked. They do not pose any danger to your character. Therefore, you do not have to be under pressure when playing games.

Some ways to get coins

After completing the track, you will receive a number of gold coins. If you want to have more gold coins, you can follow the tips below. If you knock stacks of blocks, you can get more gold coins. In addition, gold coins will also appear on the track. You can directly collect them. You can accumulate as many gold coins as possible. If you see any keys on the road, you should not miss them. If you collect three keys, you can open any three chests. Each chest contains a lot of gold coins. 100 coins is the least amount of gold. If you are lucky, you can get 1000 coins.

Some outstanding traits of Rolling Ball

If you have a lot of gold coins, you can equip the following items. Try to accumulate gold coins to unlock them. In Avatar Games, you also can get three coins but they can't be used to buy items. If you wonder about its advantages, you can try that game.

The worlds

You can unlock many different worlds. Every world has something new. The changing scenery can make you more excited. In addition, you can choose worlds such as city, desert, galaxy, sea, etc. New worlds have different prices. You need at least 500 coins to unlock them. You can open all of them for exciting experiences. If you are persistent enough, you can own them all.

The tails

The tails of the ball are very diverse. You can choose from different tails. They are colorful balls, colorful lines, hearts, etc. 2000 coins is the price per tail. If you own the tails, your character will look more eye-catching. You should buy them to be able to start the game. There are 8 new tails waiting for you. Let's unlock them now.

The balls

Do you want to change your character? Click in the Ball section to select another ball. You need to use your gold coins to buy them. The new balls are extremely eye-catching. Are you ready to join it? Have fun.