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Geometry Dash Meltdown

The new journey of cube character

Geometry Dash Meltdown will continue the journey of a cube. It needs to overcome many dangers to be able to return to its homeland. It needs your help.

A journey of a cube that has taken place in hundreds of versions of the Geometry Dash series. Now, you will be the main character's companion in the game with the theme of Meltdown. You will use all your abilities to be able to help the poor character. You have to deal with difficult cases. The secrets of the story are also revealed in this game.

What happened to the little cube

Our cube character is suddenly sent to a strange world. This world is not peaceful because it is full of dangers and scary monsters. The cube wants to return home and must overcome many hardships to fulfill its wish. It could be trapped in this Meltdown world forever with just one small mistake. Thus, you must be careful with each movement.

The obstacles you encounter in the game

You will see monsters with very big heads and large mouths. They are usually below the gaps. If you fall into these gaps, you will become food for them. In addition, some smaller monsters with bright eyes will hide in the aerial platforms. You have to pay close attention to see them. Sharp spikes are also things that you have to avoid in this game. The spinning cogs can crush your cube. So be careful with them.

How to play Geometry Dash Meltdown

Perhaps everyone is too familiar with the gameplay of this game. The ultimate goal is to help the cube reach the finish line. Along the way, you will help the character jump over deadly traps. Estimating the correct time and distance is to have suitable jumps. Jumping too close or too far can cause your character to hit an obstacle. Besides, you need to catch the keys to unlock the terrain. At first, you won't see the platforms, so each level's keys are extremely important. You just don't touch any traps, then you can conquer this game. At first, speed and obstacles will not cause much difficulty for you. However, things change once you're halfway there. Hope you can afford to complete the whole way.

Tips to rule this game

In fact, Geometry Dash Meltdown only includes easy levels and normal levels of the Geometry Dash series. These levels will not be as challenging as Demon levels. However, you also need some tips to master this game. Some of the tips I recommend here can even be applied to the Avatar Game. If you don't believe it, you can try that game.

Get familiar with the terrain

It's easier when you know what you're going to face. Thus, you can use Practice mode to know the terrain in each level that you need to pass. In this mode, you can continue your journey at any point checked by checkpoints.

Practice a lot to succeed

After getting familiar with the operations, you can play this game regularly. Thus, you will have quick reactions when encountering obstacles

Open music and sound effects

Geometry Dash Meltdown allows the player to enable or disable game sounds. With long experience, I recommend you turn on the game sound. It not only makes the game more attractive, but you can also control the cube to the rhythm of the sound.