Defeat the final boss in this game

Tallman Run is a fun game where you have to make Stickman bigger. Run forward to collect more energy in this game. Don't forget to collect lots of gems.

You can see at the end of the road a giant robot. In front of it are barriers to stop you. You need to help the stickmen become really big to be able to smash those barriers. Stickman's energy will be consumed when destroying them. Will your character survive to the end?

Pass all levels in Tallman Run

This game has quite a few levels and each level will have certain challenges. You need to go to the end to be able to pass a level. Defeating the boss at the end of the path is not a required task to pass the level.

Be bigger

At first, stickman's look very small and weak. You need to recharge him with more energy through portals with numbers. Besides the useful portals, there will be some portals that reduce the character's energy. You need to avoid going through those portals. In addition, you also need to stay away from the shields or bombs if possible. They will hurt your stickman.

Collect gems

Purple gems are very valuable because you can use them to buy upgrades for your character. You can upgrade your character's height or size. Boosting the character's speed is also possible. Use spring cushions to catch gems in the air.

Buy hats and new skins in Tallman Run

In the store you can find many new skins and hats. However, you need gems to be able to buy them. The prices of skins and hats are not cheap. Therefore, you need to try to collect as many gems as possible along the way. Good luck!

Game control: Swipe the mouse to move the character.