Do adventurous parkour jumps

eParkour will give you a sense of adventure when you perform survival jumps. You will drown under the sea if you can't reach another platform.

Do you love the thrill of parkour jumps? Coming to this game, you will have the opportunity to discover your parkour jumping skills. Of course, I mean the virtual world, not the real world. In this game, you will play in the first person perspective. From there, you will have the most authentic feelings. In addition, the smooth movement of each jump also impresses many players. Although you will get a real feel when playing in the first person, some difficulties will also arise. Can you solve them?

Go to the portal in eParkour

You need to go through the portals at the end of the path by all means. The path is made up of multiple platforms placed far apart. It's time for you to do cool parkours.

Jump from one platform to another platform

These platforms will have different shapes. They can be wide or small and the distance between them will not be the same. You need to ensure accuracy for each of your moves. Instead of playing in 3rd person like in Avatar Game, you will not have a character to control in this game. You need to move very carefully to avoid falling into the water. Platforms are placed in the air in arbitrary positions. Look opposite the platform you want to jump on. Only then will you be able to jump on that platform? Can you complete this quest?

Don't fall into the water

You will come to a world that is surrounded by water. You just slide off the platforms, you immediately fall into the water. This is extremely dangerous. Falling into the water means you have lost this game. You can't pinpoint your exact position, so you can only estimate the distance between you and the platforms. In addition, you also need to calculate whether you are standing in a safe position or not. You have plenty of time to do the jumps safely.

Experience two modes in eParkour

If you love games with many modes, you cannot ignore this parkour game. Two game modes with different features are waiting for you to explore. Which mode do you prefer, level mode or speedrun mode. Don't hesitate to let us know.

Level mode

In this mode, you need to conquer 40 levels. Going through the portal at the end of the path, you can complete a level. Be mentally prepared because the difficulty increases with each level. The first levels just get you started while the next levels challenge your skills.

Speedrun mode

The goal is still to reach the finish line but there will be no levels in this mode. This mode will calculate the total time to pass the map. Try to complete the maps quickly so that your time is not long.

Game controls

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to jump up.