Some highlights of Earn To Die

The principle of the game

You can join Earn To Die to show your clever driving skills. You must drive the longest distance before the fuel runs out and destroy all zombies.

Have you ever driven a super cool truck? In this game, you will be able to drive a lot of amazing trucks. You can show your driving skills in this game.

Firstly, you will control your car to go as far as possible. You will get a lot of bonuses if you go the longest distance. However, the path that you conquer is very difficult. There are many slopes. They will drain your energy. You have to go as fast as possible to conquer longer distances. You do not have too much fuel. Therefore, you need to take advantage of them. Besides, there are sections that are patched by wooden slats. They can collapse as soon as your truck passes them. Please control your truck carefully, so as not to overturn it.

Secondly, You need to crash into the zombies. They block your way. You need to destroy them by rushing at them. They are scary monsters. Removing them will get you more money. They cannot threaten your character's life. Therefore, you will always be safe when crashing into them.

How to drive the vehicle

You are allowed to use WASD or the arrow keys to control your truck. You can accelerate if you press W or the up arrow key. Otherwise, S or the down arrow key will be used to decelerate. Let's balance your truck by pressing the A, or the left and right arrow keys. If you want to play a running game with simple control, you can move to Avatar Game.

Explore Earn To Die

The Garage

After you have a lot of money, you can upgrade your truck so that you can earn more money in the following days.

  • Engine: There are three types of Engines, including 7.0L, 7.5L, and 8.0L Diesel engines. To unlock the Engine, you need 2500 dollars. They will help your truck overcome hills and steep slopes.
  • Gearbox: The gearbox is a device that uses mechanical energy transfer to enhance torque while decreasing speed. There are three kinds of gearboxes, such as 4-speed, 5-speed, and 6-speed gearbox.
  • Wheels: You should upgrade your wheels. They are an important part of the vehicle. They support the speed of the vehicle. So don't miss your chance to upgrade them. Use your coins to boost your truck.
  • Zombie Kit: It is a kit that can help you to destroy all zombies. It is placed in the front of the car. It consists of a lot of sharp spikes. After equipping it, you will easily eliminate zombies from the path.
  • Gun: If you have a cutting-edge gun, you can beat zombies. The gun will shoot at zombies automatically. Then, you should purchase it.
  • Fuel Tank: Because your fuel is limited, you need to boost the fuel tanks. Then you can go further

Some vehicles

There are three different types of trucks. They look fierce. To unlock them, you need to complete the required levels. They will have different shapes and colors. The details of the trucks are also different. The better the truck, the more expensive it is. You can choose them to defeat many zombies. Which truck do you like the most?