Become a miner in this game

Diggy turns you into a professional miner. You will collect a lot of valuable minerals underground. Please upgrade the drill to be able to dig deeper.

This game has cartoon characters that are very familiar to everyone. That is Minion in the famous animated series. In this game, our character will become a miner with great skills. Dig deep to earn many valuable items. Then use the money you have to upgrade the necessary equipment. This game is quite simple so it is suitable for players of all ages.

Minerals that you can see underground

As a miner, you need to know what you're going to collect underground. Different minerals will have different values. However, you can upgrade the item value with money if you want. The basic minerals you will see are orange stones and small skeletons. They are the most basic things so their value will not be high. However, as a beginner, you can only find these minerals. Later, when you can dig further underground, you can find valuable items like TVs, vases, toilets, diamonds, etc. There are minerals worth thousands of gold coins. Of course, the number of these minerals was also not much. So collect them as soon as you see them.

Earn lots of coins every day in Diggy

The minerals you collect are exchanged for coins. Every day, you need to earn as much money as possible. The power of the drill is limited, so you need to be quick. If you are bored of becoming a miner, you can play the Avatar Game to help Jake Sully run away.

Collect minerals

There are many minerals everywhere underground. Your character will only be able to move down, so you need to capture as much mineral as possible. Getting precious minerals is also a great way to earn lots of coins. Every day in the game you will have an opportunity to mine minerals. Make good use of this.

Upgrade equipment and minerals

If you just dig above, you won't be able to find valuables. You need to dig deep. However, you need advanced equipment to be able to do this. The two things that you need to upgrade for equipment are the driller and the battery. You use gold coins to upgrade them. Once they have maxed out, you can unlock new ones. With these upgrades, your character can dig faster and deeper. In addition, you can enhance the value of each mineral with gold. From there, the money you earn from these minerals will also increase.

Game control

You just need to swipe the mouse or use the left and right arrows to move the character left or right. One more thing, the ground will be divided into different layers. The sand layer will be the easiest to dig, so the character's speed will be very fast at this time. When the character digs into the layer of soil, it will be a little harder. The stone layers will reduce the character's speed a lot. Therefore, you need to distinguish these classes to be able to control the character more smoothly in Diggy.