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G-Switch 3

Join the race of robots in this game

G-Switch 3 is about special races where many robots will compete together. You turn into one of the robots and try your best to reach the destination first.

Run on a unique road

You won't run on the ground as in Avatar Game. The race of this game is made from many iron bars that are far from together. You even don't think that they're road when you see them. Actually, these special roads are the main challenges you have to face. You need to use your control skills and agility to run on these roads. Moreover, your race is in the air. Your robot only can be safe when it moves on the iron bars. If it moves out of the race, you will lose this game. Are you ready for this speed competition? If yes, let's start now!

The ability of the robot

Everybody knows that robots always have special abilities that people don't have. In this game, your robot can change the gravitation. This ability helps the robot move on horizontal or vertical paths. However, your character only can move forward and he doesn't know how to avoid danger. That's the reason he needs your help. You need to be quick because the robot will run automatically. His speed is also improved when you move for a long distance.

How to reach the destination in G-Switch 3

Run and run nonstop in this game. Your character will never stop until he collides with the obstacles or is destroyed. There are many dangers and deadly traps on the way. You need to know them and how to tackle them.

Move on iron bars

These iron bars will be placed in any position. Your robot has to flip up to go up some iron bars. Don't worry too much because your robot can change gravity. This means that he will always be able to move smoothly on the iron bars. However, your character will not be able to balance if thrown into space. So always make sure your robot only moves on iron bars.

Avoid the obstacles

The hard blocks floating on the iron bars will make your robot stuck. Until your character disappears from the screen, the game is over. Besides these blocks, you also need to pay attention to the gears that are moving. They can destroy your robot instantly. These scary gears will appear continuously to take you down.

Quick response

The speed of the character will be faster and faster, so you also need to react quickly in all situations. Of course, things will not be easy for beginners. More practice will help your reaction faster. At some levels, new challenges will be added. For example, at level 2, you will face special blocks that cause your character to automatically redirect. Let's come to this game and discover more challenges.

Enjoy 3 different modes in G-Switch 3

This game has up to 3 modes with different attractive gameplay. They are level, endless and multiplayer modes. You can choose any mode you like. You will have to pass many levels in level mode while you will run an infinite distance in endless modes. Finally, you can invite more people to join this game on the same computer. You can fight with up to five people in this mode. You can invite your friends to join or compete against the CPU.