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X Trench Run

Join in a fierce fight

X Trench Run shows you many air battles and you are a part of these fights. You will fly a spaceship and shoot all the enemies on the road. It's time to fire!

You're used to ground battles. Do you want to experience the battles in space? Instead of driving supercars, you will have the opportunity to navigate spaceships. You will encounter dangerous robots or enemy spaceships. Show them you're a great racer. All obstacles on the way are like questions to test your ability. Can you pass this reflex test?

Be the hero in this game

You are a special forces soldier in the galaxy. You are tasked with breaking into the enemy base. You want to complete the task in silence. However, the enemy has discovered your anomaly and they want to destroy you. It happened too fast. Therefore, you decide to destroy the entire enemy base by yourself. Your spaceship is equipped with powerful weapons, so don't worry too much. Keep firing if it's necessary. Although there are many traps and enemies, you are the strongest here. Go ahead warrior and take down all who stand in your way with your awesome skills.

Keep moving forward

You don't have many options because you can only move forward. The enemy base is designed like a maze with solid walls. You don't know what awaits you ahead. However, you still have to help your spaceship move forward without crashing into the barriers. Stopping means you will be caught and destroyed immediately. With your skills, you can easily do this. Don't forget to share this game with your friends. I think they will appreciate you.

Ways to get high scores in X Trench Run

The path that you have to go through is endless. So what do you need to move on this road for? Your goal is to earn as many scores as possible. This score will get higher when you move farther. Thus, move your spaceship as far as possible. To be able to complete this task, you need to do a few things.

Destroy obstacles and robots

Your spaceship is equipped with a cannon that can fire 4 bullets at once. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of any enemies. You can shoot at the pillars to destroy the laser walls. If you shoot at the laser wall, it won't be affected. In addition, your enemy also sets up some automatic robots that can shoot you along the way. Pay attention to the warnings that appear on the screen. These warnings will tell you in which direction these dangerous robots will appear. You can quickly shoot them down before they fire. Besides, you can just dodge them.

Stay away from the walls

Your cannon sometimes also has no effect on some obstacles in the way. Specifically, they are solid walls. These walls are made of special compounds that bullets cannot destroy. So you can only avoid them. You will move your spaceship up, down, left, or right to avoid hitting the walls placed on the way. If your spaceship hits them, the game will end immediately. You need to observe quickly and avoid confusing these walls with laser walls.

Defeat the boss

In X Trench Run, you need to defeat the bosses that appear on your journey. They will fly other spaceships and fly in front of yours. Now, you have to combine shooting and dodging more smoothly because the boss can shoot fireballs. Just like robot ammo, these fireballs will turn your plane into scrap metal. The dangerous thing is these fireballs will be fired randomly without warning. At this point, you can only use quick reactions to avoid them. The boss is defeated when its HP is exhausted. Its HP bar will appear on the screen for you to easily follow.

Some useful items for you in battle

If you won't find any useful items in the Avatar Game, everything will change in X Trench Run. Besides fighting the enemy, ensuring your own safety is extremely important. Sometimes, control skills are still not enough for you to be safe on all roads. That's why the game developers have added some support items. These items will be in the form of blue icons so you just have to go through them to use them. I will give information about some support items that you often encounter.

Wall Destroyer

The Wall Destroyer will help you destroy all the obstacles on the upcoming stretch. Of course, this stretch will be very short but it is enough for you to rest. These Wall Destroyers can even break solid walls that cannons can't do to. This is the power of wall destroyers.

Speed Down

When entering this game, you will see that your spaceship will automatically move forward. Its speed will improve markedly when you move a long distance. With fast speed, it will be difficult for you to dodge danger. That's why you need Speed Down. They will help slow down your spaceship. From there, your journey will be easier.

Solid Shield

Shields are the last item that I want to talk about. They don't have the destructive power of the Wall Destroyer or the speed reducer like Speed Down. However, they can protect your spaceship from any danger in X Trench Run. The effect of this shield will not last too long. When you see the blue shield on the outside of the spaceship fade, its effect is almost over.

How to control the spaceship

This game has extremely simple controls that are suitable for all ages. To move the spaceship left, right or up, down, you can stop WASD or arrow keys. To shoot, press the spacebar or click the left mouse button. In addition, adjustment of game sounds and sound effects is possible. You just need to click on the sound icon on the screen to be able to customize the sound. I hope you can get a high score to show off to your friends.