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Skibidi Toilets

Enjoy the special shooting game

Skibidi Toilets will give you many emotional levels when you have to fight alone with 100 toilet monsters. Moving, shooting, and aiming must be coordinated.

1 vs 100 battle

Your number of enemies is 100. You must destroy them all in a single battle. It sounds impossible but this happened in this particular game. You must have good skills to be able to complete this mission. If you think your skill is not good, you can play this game many times to practice. If not, you can try Getaway Shootout to improve your control skills.

Rich arsenal

The game offers many weapons with different powers. The more expensive the weapon, the stronger its destructive power. You need a large amount of money to buy these weapons. After completing the quest to destroy the Skibidi Toilets, you can get a certain amount of bonus. Use them to buy various weapons in the shop.

Ways to defeat 100 Skibidi Toilets

You need to ensure the following two steps to be able to complete your task. It will be very difficult if you are still not familiar with the operation in this game.

Aim for the monsters' heads

As you know Skibidi Toilets are monsters with human-like heads that grow out of toilets. With their strange shape and no legs, they can still move quite fast. Their weak point is their heads. Aim at their heads and fire. This makes it easier for you to kill the monsters. Try to aim and shoot down one target before moving on to the second.

Keep running

Continuously running to a position where there are no enemies is the best way to keep the character safe. You can't defeat 100 Toilets Skibidi in a short time, so you need to keep the character safe for as long as possible. Keep wing distance with these Skibidi as they will attack you at close range. Control your character to run continuously because stopping is the action that makes you fail in this game. Hope you can survive till the end.