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Getaway Shootout

Join a fun pixel game

Getaway Shootout organizes a very special race. You will join the race and compete with other players in this game. You need to go to the designated location first.

Uncompromising battle

This is probably a game with simple gameplay but very attractive. Your character is also very special. Instead of moving like a normal person, he moved more like a log. He cannot walk smoothly but can only jump forward or backward. This makes the battle in this game even more intense. You will have to compete with 3 other players in this game. Will you come first?

Two modes in the game

You can play alone or invite your friends to join this game. 1 player and 2 player modes have the same gameplay. However, you and another person will be playing on the same device. The two of you can be rivals or support each other. However, you should remember that only one person can win. In case you are bored with this shooting game, you can play Rolling Ball here.

Get first place in Getaway Shootout

The commander will give you the location you need to go to in this game. Other players have the same goal as you. It is to the specified location fastest. Let's start!

Avoid getting stuck

The background in this game can be tall buildings or markets. Buildings or stalls always make your character trapped. It will take you some time to get out of there. By then, your opponent may have reached the finish line. So, getting stuck is inevitable in this game.

Use weapons and items along the way

There will be weapons like guns or grenades along the way. Catch them before your opponent does. Guns and grenades are limited, so you can only use them once. Use them to prevent your opponent from moving forward. In addition, the first aid boxes also help you when your character is injured.