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Cubes 2048.io

Get ready for the battle of the cubes

Cubes 2048.io is a multiplayer game where you have to fight with other cubes. You can only become stronger to survive in this world. Good luck!

Multiplayer battles always bring excitement to everyone. You will have the opportunity to show your abilities to others. This game reminds me of the classic snake games. With addictive gameplay, you can even spend hours playing this game. Here, we will also find out some more things about this game.

Practice control skills

In this game, the cubes will follow each other and they form a special snake. You need to control these cubes around the map to collect many new cubes. You need to have good control skills because sometimes you have to be clever to run away from enemies. Running straight is sometimes not a good way to escape from an opponent. Cool swerves will make you a talented driver. These control skills will be a necessary condition to conquer this game.

Accessible platform

To prepare for a multiplayer war, you need to make sure your device is connected to the Internet. You can play this game on your mobile phone or computer because you don't need to install it. This game can be played directly in the browser. This will be very convenient and save space for your device. Have you prepared your gear for this multiplayer battle?

How to play Cubes 2048.io

The gameplay of this game is as attractive as Avatar Game. Although the character you control is not human, this battle is still extremely tense. Let's see what you need to do when participating in this game.

Collect available cubes

On the playing field, you will see quite a few cubes lying motionless. They are the available cubes. You just need to get close and collect them. These cubes are the easiest to absorb. However, many players also want them so the number of available cubes will sometimes be less. Don't worry because they will reappear automatically. The locations of the new cubes are random, so you need to move around the map to get lots of new cubes.

Fight with other opponents

There are more than ten players in a room. They also move on the same playing field, so battles always take place. Everyone wants to become stronger, so they will defeat others to take their cubes. This is probably the fastest way to become more powerful. However, this way will also be more risky. You also need to fight to survive on this playground. Attack your opponent when you have a chance.

The rules of numbers in Cubes 2048.io

Each cube has a number on them. Do you remember the classic 2048 game? The numbers in this game are also inspired by that. What are the tasks and functions of these numbers? I will explain below.

The mission of the numbers

These numbers represent the strength of each cube. The higher the number, the greater the power. With the rule that big fish eat small fish, cubes with small numbers will be absorbed by big cubes. Then these large cubes will be increased significantly. Therefore, you can only collect cubes that are less than or equal to the number of your largest cubes. In combat, you can only devour opponents whose numbers are smaller than you.

Merge the numbers

Do you wonder how the cubes you earn work? They will merge. Of course, there will be a rule of merging the numbers of these cubes. If the numbers on the cubes are the same, these cubes will automatically merge. After that, the power value of cubes will be doubled. Your biggest Cube will go first. Then they will line up in order from largest to smallest.

A few notes when in the battle of Cubes 2048.io

After understanding the basic gameplay, you should also know a few things when playing. Professional players won't tell you these things. However, I still mention them here because I think it will be useful to you.

Follow the statics

As you know, you can look at the numbers on the cubes to know the strength of the opponent. In addition, you can also know your rank through a mini leaderboard located on the screen. You will know the strength of the largest cubes on the playing field. This will help you dodge the strongest predators.

Protect your cubes

As is known, only identical cubes can merge. Therefore, the other cubes will follow each other to form a straight line. The cubes in the tail have a small value and it is easy to become an enemy target. Even your opponents with smaller numbers can attack your tail.

Watch out for special platforms

This game adds some special platforms to the playing field. Some platforms will help you, but some will devalue your cubes. You may find platforms like speeding or doubling will help your cubes move faster. As these cubes move faster, you can dodge enemies or attack them more easily. If you go through double platforms, the value of your cubes will be multiplied by 2. However, you also need to avoid harmful platforms like the split platform. All numbers of your cubes will be halved. Naturally, your strength will be greatly reduced.

Why should you choose this game

  • With multiplayer, you will never feel alone. Believe me, you will be extremely excited to join this game.
  • The movement of the cubes is extremely smooth and you will not experience lag. This will help players not be disturbed while playing the game.
  • The controls of this game are also very simple. You just swipe the mouse to navigate cubes. Click the left mouse button to speed up.
  • You can play this game at the school or office because it won't be blocked. Moreover, the simple graphics can help the weak device access this game. What are you waiting for? It's time to become a king of Cubes 2048.io!