Help the chef destroy the castle

Pizza Tower is about a chef's dangerous adventures in a strange castle. He needs to fight the bosses in this castle to protect his pizzeria.

A giant pizza went to the chef. He threatened to destroy the chef's pizzeria if he refused to close the pizzeria. He built a castle right next to the chef's pizzeria. So, our main character decided to break into the building to destroy it. He needs to face a lot of monsters. Please help him!

Your mission in Pizza Tower

You will have two main tasks to be able to pass a level. You need to complete these two missions and then go to the exit door. You need to move very skillfully so as not to be attacked by enemies.

Save the little friends

A few small ingredients were locked in the castle by the boss. They need you to save them. Destroy the doors that hold them captive to set them free. These little characters will follow you and destroy the castle together. There will be 5 levels in this game, each level will contain different stages. Just complete these stages, you can pass the level.

Destroy the enemy

Many monsters will stand guard in the pizza castle. They are ready to attack anyone who breaks into the castle. You can cleverly avoid them or destroy them. You need to gain momentum to run and hit them hard. You can also use this method to break blocks, wooden bars and thin walls to find your way to higher floors.

Enjoy an exciting adventure game

With impressive cartoon graphics, this game is suitable for all ages. Character expressions such as fear and anxiety are meticulously and uniquely designed. When playing this game, you feel like you are watching an interesting cartoon. The interesting storyline of this game also attracts a large number of gamers. Join Pizza Tower to find out who the final boss is. You also can enjoy another adventure in Cubes 2048.io.