Lost in the world of Minecraft

Parkour Block 5 will turn you into a professional parkour athlete. You need to jump from block to block to reach the portal. Many modes are waiting for you.

You must have known the world of Minecraft where you can freely build your own works. However, you will have a certain task to complete. Extremely familiar and unique graphics that you cannot find in 3D parkour games. You will play this game in the first-person perspective. From there, many problems will arise. Will you be able to complete your mission?

How to get to the finish line in Parkour 5

You can even see the purple portal from the starting position. Although the road is not too long, you also need to spend a lot of time to be able to cross it. Be careful with your every move. You will fall into the lava with just one small mistake.

Jump from one block to another block

These blocks are made from solid bricks. Although the ground is covered with lava, these blocks are in the air. You just need to move on these blocks, you will be safe. However, these blocks will be separated by a certain distance. You need to know the distance between you and the blocks to make the right jumps. The direction of your jump will depend on the direction of your arm on the screen. Determine the correct jump direction and master your jumps.

Move safely on the blocks

Not only jumping, you also need to be very careful when walking. You don't see your specific location like in Avatar Game. So you can only estimate and stop when you get close to the edge of the blocks. If you go too far on a block, you can instantly fall into lava. So, determine if the block is big or small before you want to jump.

Select modes of Parkour Blocks

This game will give you 3 modes to choose from. They are level select, speedrun and hardcode mode. In level mode, you need to go through portals to pass levels. The faster you complete a level, the more stars you gain. You will join a race in Speedrun mode. Get through the maps as quickly as possible. Hardcode mode is probably the hardest part. You will have to start over on the first map if you fall into the lava. You can challenge these 3 modes with your friends. Who will be the one to complete all 3 modes sooner. Don't hesitate to let us know.

Some features of Parkour Blocks 3D

You can adjust the sensitivity in this game through settings. The higher the sensitivity, the smoother and faster the movement. Alternatively, you can also turn on the timer. The game will calculate how long it takes you to complete a map. This is the interesting thing about this game. This game has very simple controls, you just need to use arrow keys to move. Then press the spacebar to jump up.