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Bob The Robber 3

A new journey in this game

Bob The Robber 3 continues an exciting journey of a thief who has received a special mission. He needs to steal pieces of paper in the enemy base.

Stealing pieces of paper

These pieces of paper are often hidden in objects in the room. In particular, you need to check the wooden boxes to look for them. These pieces of paper are extremely important. Can you find enough pieces of paper? Use your ingenuity to break into the enemy base and steal the necessary things.

Beware of cameras and lasers

Enemies will set traps everywhere. The red lasers will make you detectable when touching them. In addition, cameras are also installed everywhere so you also have to dodge them. Avoiding detection is essential to completing the mission. In addition, the guards with guns are extremely dangerous. So take refuge when you meet them. For unarmed guards and doctors, you can attack them from behind.

Some things to do when playing Bob The Robber 3

To complete the task quickly, you need to know a few things. These will help you a lot in your journey. For more journeys, you can join Run 3 here.

Using tools

Sometimes, your character will find a new tool that can be used for multiple levels. They will be useful to you. For example, you can unlock all the door locks with the unlocking tool. You can cut off the power to the alarm systems with pliers. There are many other tools that you can find in this game.

Decrypt the passwords

Sometimes there are doors that you have to use a password to open. You can move to other rooms to search for the password. Try going down the stairs or the elevator to move from room to room. Alternatively, you can use the checkpoint machine. This means you will start at the checkpoint if your character is captured.