Explore the vast universe in this game

Run 3 is set in the vast universe where mysteries are hidden. Your mission is to move the aliens in the tubes. There will be quite a few challenges waiting for you.

Are you curious about the universe? This is an incredibly large place and it is included in this running game. You will help an alien character explore the universe with millions of twinkling stars. Although the universe is beautiful, it is always very dangerous. If the character falls into space, the game will end immediately.

A few things you need to keep in mind when playing Run

Your path will be divided into many different levels. However, you do not have time to rest when transitioning between levels. You will have to control the character consecutively.

Move forward

The character will automatically run forward. You just need to navigate him left or right or jump up. Obstacles like gaps, weak platforms will make your journey more difficult. Avoid them by running left or right. However, you can also jump over them. Jumping at the right time and at the right time is essential in this game.

Unlock skins

After you have completed a certain number of levels, some new skins will be unlocked. At this point, you can choose your favorite skin set. The higher the level, the more beautiful the skins. Of course, you also have to deal with the crazy speed of the character. You also can experience many new skins of Drift Boss on our website.