Are you ready for the F1 race?

Drift Boss will turn you into a great racer with a tough F12 track. You need to cross the narrow, derailed roads and earn a lot of gold to conquer this game.

Instead of giving a realistic feeling while driving, this game brings more thrill. The roads only in fantasy will appear in this game. You will be the racer on these tracks. Just make a small mistake, your car will plunge into the air. This road is only for professional riders, so you can further improve your skills by participating in this game many times.

Drive through every difficulty in Drift Boss

The tracks don't have spikes or monsters, but they are designed to be difficult to walk. Narrow 90-degree turns will send your car into the air. For more racing game, you can try Drift F1.

Overcoming the bends

Every short way, you will see a bend. The bigger the road, the easier the bend to pass. The ramps cause your car to rush upwards. Just calmly get through them. Accurately time to create drifts. From there, the bends will not be difficult for you.

Collect coins

The coins always have a price in each game. In this racing game, you can use them to buy new cars or boost. There will be 3 types of boost in this game. They are double score, car insurance and coin rush. Double score will multiply your score 2x while coin rush earns you more coins. If you have car insurance, you will continue your race at the location where you fell off the road.