New journey of an astronaut

Introduce the game

Electron Dash is a famous game where the main character is an astronaut. He runs on platforms in the universe. Of course, there will be certain difficulties.

Space polls like Slope Run will always be a hot topic for game developers. This genre is your favorite, you won't be able to deny the appeal of the running game I'm about to introduce here. You need to control the character to run forward continuously. Don't fall out of the tube unless you want to end the game.

Game control

  • Use the up arrow to jump up
  • Press the AD or left and right to move left or right.

Run as far as you can in Electron Dash

There is no destination in this game as it is an endless game. Do the twinkling stars and colors of the platforms overwhelm you?

Stay away from dangers

The vast universe always contains certain dangers. You need to know what they are to stay away from. First, the gaps along the way are the most common dangers you encounter. They are like traps waiting for distant astronauts to fall. You will fall into the dark universe if you fall through these gaps. Besides, weak platforms are also notable because they will collapse with a touch. What's more, the red lasers also put your character in danger. You need to jump over them or avoid the above dangers to ensure the safety of the character.

Collect hearts

Hearts will occasionally appear along the way. They are very useful because they will help you to continue your journey. Every time you fall through gaps or in danger, you lose a heart. However, if the number of hearts is exhausted, you will have to replay at the starting point. So, try to grab as many hearts as possible.