About Slope Run

Some game rules

Slope Run offers a fantastic run in a tunnel placed in the space. Try your best to avoid any gaps and gather gold coins to become the best one.

The run in the game is so amusing. It will bring you hours of relaxation. You need to complete all your tasks and follow the rules to become the winner. I also know another running game that is as interesting as this game. You can try Avatar Game.

First, you will control the Slope ball to avoid gaps in the tunnel. These gaps come in different sizes. You need to dodge them to avoid falling out of the tunnel. You will be lost in the middle of the galaxy if you do not avoid gaps because the tunnel is put in the vast universe. Next, you need to be careful with yellow bricks. They are unstable. They will collapse as soon as you pass through. Therefore, you must accelerate to overcome them. Finally, you must collect as many coins as possible. They are usually placed near yellow bricks or gaps. They will trap you if you are not paying attention. So, Let's use your skills to dodge them. Good luck.

How to controls

To control the ball, you use the arrow keys. The up arrow key is to jump. Press it if you want to jump over the small gaps. In addition, you can press the left and right arrow keys to turn left or right. Try to avoid the yellow bricks. You can go through them, but it is best if you can dodge them.

Some tactics to go further

If you pay close attention, you will realize that the tunnel can rotate. You can move at any entry edge of the tunnel. If you repeatedly turn right or turn left, the tunnel will rotate. You must take advantage of it to avoid the large gaps you can't jump over. For small gaps, you can combine jumping and turning right or left to dodge. You can fully utilize other wise strategies to complete your mission. Good luck.

Join two exciting game modes of Slope Run

The game has two main modes You can play any mode. If you get a high score by reaching the longest distance, you can be ranked at the top of the leaderboard.

The Infinity mode

This mode lets you conquer the endless tunnel. You can play until you fall out. The gaps in this mode will be larger. They pose challenges for you. Are you skillful enough to overcome them? You will probably fail many times. You will learn valuable lessons from your failures. If you have any strategies for playing this mode, you can share them. You can also invite your friends to join this mode. You will find the winner by comparing scores. Try to be the champion with impressive scores.

The Level mode

This mode will have increasing difficulty through levels. The first levels are quite easy to pass. There aren't too many large gaps in these levels. The higher the level, the harder it is. You will face more gaps. How many levels can you pass in this mode? Level mode allows you to practice gradually. Improve your skills through challenging levels.