Fun racing

Drift 3 is an exciting racing game with high entertainment. Pretty colorful cartoon graphics suitable for all players. Move forward and take the lead!

Move on dangerous tracks

You've seen F1 races with dangerous turns but I'm sure the track in this game is even scarier. The track is set right in the air. You can only turn left, turn right to survive on the track or fall in the air. This makes the game with animated graphics more intense than ever. Trust me, this game will not let you down.

Simple control

You just need to click and hold the left mouse button to turn. Then, release to turn back. With such simple controls, children can also play this game at school. They can be played on both desktop or mobile. This will be quite convenient for even busy people.

Get the first place in this endless race of Drift 3

The track will have 7 more competitors and everyone will compete against each other for the first place. You just need to take the lead on this endless race track. In case you want to play another speed game, Electron Dash is always here.

Turn when you have to pass the bends

If the bends in the clear track are curves, the turns in this game will be 90-degree right angles. This makes the game more difficult. You will have to make precise turns. Especially when the surface of the road gets smaller and smaller and the bends get closer and closer.

Change the skins

This game has different skins for your vehicle. You can choose police cars, ice cream car, fire truck, etc on the main menu. The fun news are they're all available without purchasing. Choosing your favorite car can motivate your victory spirit.