Are you ready for a new speed race?

Color Tunnel is a speed game where you can experience the thrill of the first person. You must move to avoid all red objects in the colorful tunnel.

Move as far as possible

This game won't use points to measure your race. This game is based on the meters you can move to classify you on the leaderboard. Of course, when you move the long distance, your name will appear on the leaderboard. The speed and the objects in the tunnel will challenge you.

Practice your skill

Besides entertainment, this game is an excellent way to enhance your reflexes. Only quick reflexes can solve the problems in this game. At the beginning, you may end your race for a short distance. However, after many tries, you will be faster and easier to overcome the first paths. Of course, there is no endpoint, so you just can move until you hit any obstacles.

Avoid all obstacles in the Color Tunnel

A tunnel with many different colors can impress you. However, this tunnel isn't smooth because there are many red barriers in it. How to overcome them?

Wiggle through the gaps

The barriers always have gaps around or between them. You will move quickly and go through these gaps. That's the single way to keep you safe. The hard point is these red objects will move automatically. They even suddenly change their movement when you come close to them. This requires your quick reflex as in Slope Ball.

Simple control

In this game, you just need left and right arrows to move from left to right and vice versa. You need to combine them effectively. Of course, you may take some time to get used to this control.