Roll the ball in the strange world

Slope Ball is about the adventure of a ball that is losing in a terrible world. He needs to overcome many deadly traps and monsters to reach his destination.

Be careful of traps

This game has traps which are the same as in Geometry Dash Bloodbath. The sharp thorns and monsters can break your ball any time if you collide with them. Therefore, keep the ball away from these dangers. You will jump the ball over them by clicking the left mouse button. Click on time to avoid touching the thorns! The speed of the ball will be faster and faster which can cause some challenges to.

Complete the path

The path from the beginning points to the finish line isn't too long but many obstacles will surprise you. Of course, your final target is to touch the finish line to complete the road. Look at the process bar on the screen to know how many percent have you completed. Each time the ball jumps up, his face will have a different emotion. That's very funny.

Some features of Slope Ball

Three stages

This game has three stages including Xpart, Truth, and Dark Trip. In each stage, your ball has to face different monsters which are drawn on the main menu. Each stage has four levels but Dark Trip only has three levels. However, the levels in Dark Trip are more difficult than others.

Many characters

You can choose another character if you want. A lot of characters with different faces can bring much fun to you. The fun thing is all of them are available without unlocking them. This game does not only provide the new balls but many other skins for robots, UFO, etc. Then, you have many options for your character.