Become brave warriors in the temple

Temple of Boom will be a shooting game that many people will love. You will break into an ancient temple and destroy the monsters in it. Good luck!

Warriors have always had extraordinary strength. In this game you will transform into them and you are equipped with the best weapons. Destroy all enemies with your weapons and enemies now! Otherwise, the person who has to lie down is you! These monsters can hit you or use weapons to kill you. Stay alert everywhere!

How to survive in Temple of Boom

Alone you have to face many waves of enemy attacks. You can only solve them yourself. Use your skills to counter attacks. There are many other wars in Age of War 2 but you don't fight alone.

Aim and fire

The gun in your hand has a certain amount of ammo. Therefore, each of your shots needs to be sure to hit the enemy. Otherwise, a large amount of ammo will be wasted. However, you also occasionally pick up some ammo in secret chests. This will not happen often, so saving ammo is the best way. Make sure that one shot one kill.

Don't get hurt

Your character will have HP on the screen. Each time you are injured, you will lose 1 bloodline. When HP is exhausted, the game will end immediately. Therefore, you should limit your injury. Just like ammo, you can sometimes pick up a first aid box that increases HP. Even so, you should still avoid getting injured.

Invite your friends to play this game

This game has 2 modes including single play and two players mode. So, you can invite your friend to join the 2 player mode and the two of you will have a good time together. The two will become teammates and destroy the enemy together. Of course, you can also play alone if you want. Here is the way to control if you play two player mode:

Player 1

  • WAD to move
  • S to pick up the weapon
  • C to shoot
  • V to switch weapon

Player 2

  • Arrow keys o move
  • K to pick up the weapon
  • K to shoot
  • L to switch.