Play sports online

Tap Tap Shots reimagines the basketball game you love. Your goal is to get the ball into the basket at all costs. Time is your opponent in this game.

The basic rules of the game are the same as real basketball

Instead of having to move the character to throw the ball like in Basketbros, you will directly bounce the ball. I think the name of this game also speaks volumes. You will bounce the ball until it enters the basket or time runs out. This game allows you to sit at home and experience the classic sports gameplay.

Game control

Click the left mouse button if you play on a PC. If you play on your phone, just tap on the screen. You need to tap many times to bring the ball closer to the basket. Then quickly bounce the ball into the basket.

Put your name on a leaderboard of Tap Tap Shots

This game will provide a leaderboard where you can see the best players. They achieve the highest score in the whole world. You can also see your name if you can score more points.

Throw the ball into the basket

You need to throw the ball into the basket continuously. The baskets will appear in different positions. Each time you throw the ball into the basket, you will get some points. The current highest score in this game is 305 points. The faster you time the ball into the basket, the more points you gain. Can you break this record?

Challenge with time

Each time you throw the ball, the timer will run automatically. You will only have a few seconds to get the ball back into the basket. Time is over and the ball is still out of the basket, where do you start? There is no end to this game so you can test your limits.