The journey in the universe begins

Sticky Run takes you out into the vast universe to see the vast galaxy. You need to help the little alien avoid gaps and dangers along the way.

Journeys are always exciting. Instead of running on the ground like eParkour, you will have the opportunity to go to space. The sky with twinkling stars will attract you. However, you also need to focus on your mission. You will help the main character run on a special path. This path is shaped like a tube but it has dangerous gaps. Be careful with these gaps.

Two modes in Sticky Run

You can choose one of two modes including Explore mode and Infinite mode. You will have the same mission in these modes but some of their features are different.

Explore mode

You will pass the levels in this mode and each level will be a road in the mini map. Once you complete a certain number of levels, you can unlock the next planet. From there, you can travel through many different universes.

Infinite mode

You will run until the character falls into space. Run as far as possible. Of course, you have to overcome all difficulties without rest. This mode will probably be a bit more difficult than Explore mode.

Some things to note when playing Sticky Run

  • Some of the typical dangers present in this game are gaps and weak platforms. You probably already know gaps that can make you fall into space in no time. Besides, weak platforms are also very dangerous. They will fall when you put your foot on them. You need to jump off weak platforms immediately because their drop speed is not fast. This keeps you from falling down with weak platforms.
  • This game will take a few minutes to load, so please wait patiently. Hope you enjoy this fun game!