Roll forward in this game

Slope 3 is a must-try speed game where you will control a ball on many strange paths. If the ball falls into space, you will lose this game. Are you ready?

You just need to keep the ball moving forward without falling into the air. You just need to complete this goal and you can conquer this game. It sounds easy but the game is rated extremely difficult. Things become more challenging as the speed of the ball gets faster and faster.

Follow the rules of Slope 3

To conquer a game, you must understand its mechanics and rules first. Here, I will introduce the gameplay. If you already know the following, you can skip the introduction. Don't just play one game when you can experience other running game like Geometry Dash Bloodbath on our website.

Avoid bumping into pink blocks

The pink blocks will make your ball break into small pieces. Avoid hitting them so you can continue the journey. You need to pay attention when going into tunnels that are surrounded by pink blocks. Your ball will probably deflect and enter these dangerous blocks. Therefore, you always have to pay attention to balance the ball and let it move in the middle of the tunnel.

Move as far as possible

This is an endless game so you need to earn as many points as possible. The further you move, the more points you earn. Then your name will probably appear on the leaderboard. Remember that the leaderboard only shows players with high scores. I hope your name will appear here.

Game control: Use the left, right or AD keys to move left or right.