Become a skilled motorcycle racer in this game

Moto X3M Winter gives you the chance to ride the coolest motorcycles. You reach the finish line to complete a level and you have to face a lot of obstacles.

Do you like to drive or not? Participating in a driving race is always extremely dangerous. However, this is safe in the virtual world. You can perform stunts with your motorbike to get more points. Get to the finish line quickly to receive valuable rewards. For a faster game, you can play Geometry Dash Meltdown.

Keep moving forward in Moto X3M Winter

This game organizes real races. So, if you stop, you lose. In fact, there is no opponent to fight against you. Your opponent is time. You need to move fast to finish the level in the fastest time. Then you can get 3 stars if you complete the mission fast enough.

Overcome all pitfalls

I'm sure no other track will contain as many death traps as the one in this racing game. Sharp spikes can puncture your tires at any time. Therefore, you need to avoid them immediately. Sometimes, there are traps that will suddenly appear. You just need to keep moving forward to be able to avoid them.

Balance the motor

You need to do a lot of somersaults with the car. When you land on the ground, you need to make sure your bike is balanced. Otherwise, your character will hit his head on the ground and the game will end immediately.

Game control

  • Use the up arrow to move forward and use the down arrow to move backward
  • Balance the motor by pressing the left and right arrows.

Unlock new skins in Moto X3M Winter

This game allows you to change the skins of characters and motorcycles. However, you need to have enough stars to be able to buy these skins. You will get stars if you complete the levels quickly. Will you be able to unlock the skins? Good luck.