Solve puzzles in this game

Help a worm to eat an apple in Apple Worm. Then. let' move the worm to the portal. You need to solve the hard puzzle to complete the mission in this game.

Move in the maze

The maze is just created by some simple blocks. It seems like a simple maze but it's really hard to discover. You may make a perfect strategy to overcome each level. You can take advantage of the worm's length and the corners of the maze to reach the destination.

Pass many levels

There are 29 normal levels and one demon level. You only pass the previous level to play the next level. After mastering all 29 levels, the final level will be unlocked. It's the hardest level in this game. The puzzle of each maze will be harder and harder. In case you don't like puzzle games, you should try Basketbros which is a sports game.

Two main actions in Apple Worm

In this game, you must follow two steps to complete the mission. Let's see what they are.

Eat apple

In the maze, there is a red apple which is a favorite food of the worm. You do not only feed the hungry worm but lengthen the worm's size with the apple. Sometimes, the apple is in the hard-to-reach position. It's time to use your smart to help the worm consume the apple. Don't get stuck at any corner because you can undo your movement.

Go through the portal

The exit is a black portal. The worm needs to move through it to escape from the maze. The portal also locates at difficult-to-reach places. One more thing, the worm is required to eat the apple to reach the exit. With a longer size, the worm touches the portal. Otherwise, you will fall into space.